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When finding a quality Manuka Honey to sell, it is also important to take the antibacterial potency into consideration. Some Manuka Honey suppliers sell honey that has a low or questionable UHF rating which can render the honey less effective from a medicinal perspective. That is why RDAs, or the Recommended Daily Allowance, is important to be understood and followed. From A to zinc, so goes the advertising slogan of a popular vitamin supplement brand. A few highlights of Honeymark brand Manuka Honey is as follows: Our supplier in New Zealand is a registered member of the Active Manuka Honey Association which ensures that our Manuka Honey is tested for its antibacterial properties and allows us to legally display the UHF trademark on our label; Our Manuka Honey is UHF 16+ which is an active, medical-grade Manuka Honey and idea for medicinal use; Our Manuka Honey is reasonably priced; Since we are located in the U.S., shipping charges are far less expensive than importing Manuka Honey directly from New Zealand; Our containers include bar codes; Honeymark is a well-recognized brand and is known in the industry and to consumers as Manuka Honey specialists. Importing Manuka Honey from New Zealand can be quite costly and could take weeks. Vitamins also have two groups: the fat-soluble ones like Vitamins A, D, E, and K; and, the water-soluble ones such as Vitamins C, B-riboflavin, and Niacin among others. This medical-grade honey has become quite a commodity as of late since word of its impressive healing qualities have surfaced. First and foremost, it is important to look at the basic categories. Some foods are naturally rich in fat-soluble vitamins like butter, vegetable oils, egg yolk, and liver.

They're essential to keeping bodies in good health and disease-free. The human body does not by itself produce minerals so they must be sourced from external supply. These vitamins help metabolic functions, bone maintenance including teeth and cartilage, even the water balance of the body. Some foods are naturally rich in fat-soluble vitamins like butter, vegetable oils, egg yolk, and liver. In fact there have been reports of some people experiencing sensitivity to Manuka Honey that is that potent. There are two vital elements that are important to ones health and keep the body balanced: vitamins and minerals. Modern medicine, backed by extensive and intensive research, has put together the RDAs for every vitamin required by the human body. First and foremost, it is important to look at the basic categories.

The lecithin is from something else How did you use it?:Everyday,Every Morning "This protein powder has a really good creamy flavour, and doesn't have any of the foul 'goat milk' type flavour that some protein powders tend to have. I mix the unflavoured with cocoa, splenda and almond milk, and it tastes just like Dr. Oetker chocolate mousse (which is really good). I use it as a meal replacement, and find that it satiates for a really long time, and since I started drinking it I no longer have problems with food cravings, especially carbs and sugar. Before I started drinking this, my muscle recovery from weight lifting was unbearable, and now I hardly have any problems with it. Also, this is one of the only Whey Protein Isolates that does not contain soy, which is almost impossible to find. I am extremely allergic to soy, even in trace amounts, and have been searching desperately to find whey protein powders without soy, and the whey concentrates don't work as well as the isolate, so I'm really happy to have found this." Would you buy this product again? Yes Flavours Rating

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